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Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most valuable goods produced in the Greek land.
In Bonum Terrae SA, people with long experience in the production and processing of olive oil and executives who are successful in other business sectors joined their forces to give a new impetus to the process of production and sales.
The vision of Bonum Terrae SA is a new business model that highlights the comparative advantages of the Greek olive oil (the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet) along with other traditional Greek delicacies through the creation of branded products with stable quality, that serve our modern nutritional needs and stand out for their flavor and aroma.
Our products come from the four corners of Greece and have been awarded both for their taste and their packaging in international contests.

Through the experience of our ancestors, we evolve quality and aesthetics...

Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil quality

The oil quality is determined by its origin. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Bonum Terrae that comes from the island of Crete. The soil, the climate and the way of growing and the variety of olives, are the factors that contribute to its evaluation. The many hours of sunshine and the acidic pH of the soil (which is a distinctive feature of the region of Crete) are responsible for the highly attractive yellow-golden color and the sweet fruity flavor of the oil.

P.D.O. certification

In order to have the absolute quality control, we select olive oil products and other foodstuff that are declared as Protected Designation of Origin [PDO]. The PDO certification determines all the production procedures, from the olive wrist to its final packaging, to be set in the region of production and to comply with strict standards and absolute traceability. The quality characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil PDO "Voreios Mylopotamos Rethymnis Kritis" from Rethymnon, Crete and PDO "Messara" from Herakleion, Crete are of the highest level in relation to the standards of the International Olive Oil Council.


The processing of the olives' wrist takes place in modern centrifugal factories. The temperature during the kneading of the olive paste and any other processing step cannot exceed 27 degrees, in order to keep the valuable nutritional properties of the final product. In that way, we ensure the top quality of our products that are offered in abundance by the Greek land and constitute the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet. Our company is very strict concerning the quality of the products and is certified with the food safety ISO 22000.

  • New York International Olive Oil Award

    Our extra virgin olive oil was awarded with one of the most prestigious international olive oil awards. It won the GOLD award in the New York International Olive Oil Contest.

    Our olive oil is considered as one of the best olive oils in the world in the robust flavour / monovarietal category of the North Hemisphere.

    "Bonum Terrae's olive oil is a Protected Designation of Origin EVOO that comes from selected olive groves in North Mylopotamos in Rethymno Crete, Greece. The many hours of sunshine and the acidic soil are responsible for its distinctive flavor."

  • Great Taste Awards

    Many of our products have been awarded in the Great Taste Awards contest in London. Our thyme honey was awarded with two gold stars in the 2014 contest, our kalamata olives, our "Ammoudia" handmade peanut butter, our olive oil and our peanuts were also awarded in this famous international taste contest.

    Honey: "A beautiful rose amber, clear honey. A wondrous sweet nectar that glides round the mouth and caresses the throat. There is a delicate thyme finish. This is what honey should do."

    Olives: "Very attractive, large plump olives. The texture is good and meaty and the fruity flavours counteract the saltiness of the brine."

Greek land + sununique food experience

Bonum Terrae Products

  • Olive Oil

    Superior quality cold extraction Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece. In bottles, metal tins or gift packages from 90 ml to 5 Lt.


    A large variety of Olives including the famous Kalamata and Chalkidiki olives along with olive paste.


    Bonum Terrae Honey comes from North Greece or from the island of Leros in South Aegean. Pine honey, Fir honey, blossom or the famous Greek Thyme honey.

  • Olive oil Soaps

    Our love for the nature and our need to create products out of natural ingredients in order to improve the quality of our lives, have led us to the production of pure, natural soaps with natural extracts and essential oils.

    Ground nuts and peanut butter

    Delicious ground nuts variety that is being cultivated in Ammoudia village near Kerkini Lake in North Greece.


    Bonum Terrae offers Traditional Greek rusks without preservatives, with high content in edible fibers and low content in sugars.

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